Avocado BLT

Give the classic high fat and high salt BLT sandwich a makeover. You just might like this one!


1 organic tomato

Organic lettuce (Bibb, green leaf, red leaf) or Spinach

1 ripe avocado

Whole wheat bread

Low fat or no fat mayonnaise

Low sodium bacon or turkey bacon, cooked

Slice one organic tomato, tear off some healthy green lettuce (Bibb, green leaf, red leaf or even spinach), and slice up a ripe avocado. Set aside. Toast a couple of slices of an organic whole wheat or whole grain bread and spread on some low fat or no fat mayonnaise of your choosing. Layer the following on the toasted bread: lettuce, tomato, cooked bacon (turkey or low salt) and then your avocado slices. And there you have it a healthy makeover of the traditional BLT.