Breakfast Smoothies

Just the other day I was engaged in conversation with one of my undergraduate students – Deshnee. She mentioned that she has one smoothie per day. Here are some recipes to try for breakfast to get your day going. Skip the coffee.

Breakfast Smoothie (Triple Berry)

Kale, Spinach and Pear Smoothie 

1 heaping cup organic spinach leaves

1 heaping cup organic kale leaves, chopped

1/2 organic pear (Bosc)

1 frozen organic banana

1 1/2 cups almond milk, cold

1 tablespoon Manuka honey

Remove kale leaves from their rough center stalk and coarsely chop.  In a blender, combine kale spinach and almond milk.  Blend until no big kale bits remain.  Stop blender and add banana honey and pear.  Blend until smooth.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Yogurt Smoothie 

2 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp natural peanut butter

8 oz Greek yogurt

1/2 cup ice

1 banana

Pinch of organic cinnamon

Add peanut butter, cocoa powder, Greek yogurt and ice cubes into blender and mix at high speed. Slice banana, add into mixture, and re-blend. Pour smoothie into two cups and serve. Sprinkle dash of cinnamon on top for extra flavor.

Triple Berry Smoothie

1 1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries

1/3 cup frozen organic raspberries

1/3 cup frozen organic blackberries

1 1/2 tbsp natural peanut butter

1 1/2 tbsp Manuka honey

1 cup skim or almond milk

Add all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth.