Anti-Inflammatory Foods Shopping List: Protein

What type of proteins can you consume that fight inflammation? Healthy proteins can help in the fight to reduce inflammation in the body. Should you buy organic, grass-fed, wild, or raw in this area? My answer is it depends. Check out my shopping list for healthy proteins.


Healthy Proteins 101

  1. Meat (Organic, Grass-Fed is Best)
    1. Bison
    2. Eggs
    3. Beef
    4. Chicken
    5. Duck
    6. Lamb
    7. Turkey
    8. Venison
    9. Elk
    10. Veal
    11. Luncheon meat Nitrite-Free
  2. Fish (Wild Caught is Best)
    1. Trout
    2. Sardines
    3. Cod
    4. Salmon
    5. Tilapia
    6. Haddock
    7. Halibut
    8. Tuna
    9. Grouper
    10. Sea Bass
    11. Mackerel
    12. Mahi Mahi
    13. Red Snapper
    14. Walleye
    15. Fish canned in water (Mercury free, BPA-free)
  3. Dairy (Organic or Raw is Best)
    1. Almond milk
    2. Unsweetened almond milk
    3. Coconut milk
    4. Unsweetened coconut milk
    5. Organic Cow’s milk
    6. Organic Cow’s cheese
    7. Organic Greek Yogurt, Plain
    8. Goat milk
    9. Goat cheese
    10. Kefir
    11. Sheep cheese
    12. Sheep yogurt
  4. Protein Powder (Hormone-free is Best)
    1. Pea powder
    2. Rice powder
    3. Whey powder

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  1. Ugg Almonds are so good for you. I cannot eat them. Pistachios are so good for you. I am allergic to all tree nuts bummer for me. Look what I get to miss out in 😞


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