5 More Anti-inflammatory Foods

Here are some more anti-inflammatory foods to get into your diet each day.

Tomatoes 3

#1  Tomatoes

Lycopene present in tomatoes reduces and suppresses inflammation. Try them fresh in soups, grilled or baked, added on to homemade pizza, in homemade tomato soup, etc … Dr. Oz recommends eating tomatoes every day.

#2  Turmeric

Do you like curry? Then you like turmeric. It is a very powerful compound that has been documented in reducing inflammation. See Superfoods 2018: Turmeric.

#3  Avocado

Well these may be hard to select at the grocery store, they taste fantastic and can be used in place of mayonnaise and Miracle Whip in virtually every recipe. It is possible that avocado can counteract some inflammatory foods when you eat them.

#4  Shiitake Mushrooms

I typically buy these dried and then rehydrate them. They can be added to stir frys, soups and main entrees. Don’t like shiitake then try other anti-inflammatory mushrooms such as enoki and oyster. Mushrooms can also improve your immune system.

#5  EVOO

Last but not least, extra virgin olive oil. It contains oleocanthal and omega-3s. Flaxseed oil and canola oil also have omega-3s.