Smart Food Substitutions

Lighten up your recipes this year, with simple healthy substitutions while still adding creaminess and texture.

Food Substitutions


Try using low sodium/less fat bacon (33% less fat), turkey bacon (60% less fat) or Canadian bacon (80% less fat) instead of regular bacon.


Try using part-skim cheese (30% less fat) or reduced-fat cheese (30% less fat) instead of regular block cheese or cheese slices.

Ground Meat

Try using ground turkey (470 calories fewer) or ground chicken (500 calories fewer) instead of ground beef.


Try using whole wheat bread (40% more protein + 2 times the fiber) instead of white bread.


Try using low fat or no fat sour cream (1050 fewer calories) instead of 1 cup of mayonnaise.

Cream Cheese

Try using reduced-fat cream cheese (215 fewer calories) instead of 8 ounces of regular cream cheese.

Bread Crumbs

Try using bran cereal (75% fewer calories and sodium) or rolled oats (30% fewer calories and 0 mg sodium) instead of white bread crumbs.


Try using cooked dried beans (no salt) or low sodium canned beans (50% less sodium) instead of regular canned beans.


Try using 2 egg whites (no cholesterol) or 1/4 cup egg substitute (50% fewer calories) instead of one regular egg.


Try using skim milk (98% less fat) instead of 1 cup of whole milk.


Try using brown rice (6 times more fiber) or quinoa (9 times more fiber) instead of cooked white rice.


Try using whole wheat pasta (2 times more fiber) instead of regular cooked pasta.


Try using herbs, spices, citrus juices or rice vinegar instead of using salt.


Try using water-packed tuna (50% fewer calories) instead of oil-packed tuna.