End Food Cravings

You say it can’t be done. Ending those food cravings is impossible. Here are some helpful tips. Give 1 or all of them a try.

Food Cravings

Tip #1

Go for a walk. Distract yourself by leaving where you live. Exercise (albeit via walking) will boost your mood and energy level while taking your mind off of eating. Did you know the more you sit … the greater the appetite. Quit sitting!

Tip #2

Drink water and lots of it. Some individuals report drinking 1 to 2 full glasses of water when a sweet or carb craving strikes. Give it a try!

Tip #3

Make a cup of tea and listen to some music or grab that book that you have putting off reading. Chamomile tea is calming. Sip it while you are listening to your favorite music or reading.

Tip #4

Start cleaning or organizing some aspect of your life. Recently, I decided to reorganize all of the seasonal items and actually label the boxes they went in. Each year, it becomes a chore just to find wreaths and other decorations to use during Xmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, … Not only was this a rewarding exercise, I did not eat a single thing just ended up drinking a bunch of water.