Kick The Sugar Addiction

Sugar Statistics

The AHA recommends women to consume 7 teaspoons of sugar per day and men get a little more (9 teaspoons per day). What is really happening out there? The average American is consuming about 3 times more … clocking in at 22 teaspoons per day.


Where Is Sugar Found?

To begin, we must identify where sugar is found. Let’s look at some common foods people consume on a regular or somewhat regular basis.

If you eat raisin bran cereal, a 1 cup serving contains 1.75 teaspoons. If you eat tomato soup, a 1 cup serving contains 2 teaspoons. If you eat yogurt flavored with fruit (e.g. strawberries, blueberries), a 5 ounce serving contains 3 teaspoons.

Sugar Aliases

Sugar is allowed to be labeled as the following on food products in the United States. See if you recognize any of these on any products that you have at home.

Glucose, Honey, Sucrose, Maltose, Molasses, Evaporated cane juice, Rice malt, Tapioca syrup, Fruit juice concentrate, Barley malt syrup, Agave syrup, Erythritol

Food Swap

Swapping out foods lower in sugar will reduce your cravings. Here are some inexpensive, good tasting food swaps to try.

#1:  Get rid of your fruit flavored yogurt and REPLACE with full-fat plain yogurt (Add in natural fruit such as fresh or frozen blueberries)

#2:  Get rid of mayonnaise based salad dressings and REPLACE with balsamic vinegar based salad dressings or even better make your own (e.g., olive oil + balsamic vinegar + fresh herbs + black pepper)

#3:  Get rid of pop and other sugary drinks and REPLACE with water, green tea, cinnamon tea or even better make your own flavored water (e.g., filtered water + slices of fresh strawberries + 1/4 of fresh lime)

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