Kickboxing 101

How would you like to improve your fitness, power, flexibility and agility while burning 8 calories per minute or close to 500 calories per hour? Sounds too good to be true. No, we are talking about kickboxing. The exercise involves punching and kicking. How fun is that?

Kickboxing (At the gym)

Kickboxing can be done at gyms or at home. What do you need to do kickboxing at home?

Kickboxing essentials:

  1. Space – you need room to do this exercise such as a spare room, basement, garage or even a shed; Get rid of any obstacles
  2. Foam matting – it is cheaper than judo mats, allows you to grip, absorbs sweat and provides a place for you to land if you fall
  3. Bag – if you are going to do this alone, you will need a ceiling beam to attach your bag to whether you opt for a heavy bag, speed bag or double-end bag
  4. Focus mitts and pads – these are needed if you are going to have a partner
  5. Extra equipment – if you stay with this type of exercise, in time you may end up purchasing a floor-to-ceiling bag, speed balls or floor length banana bag

Here are some free videos to get you started.

20 minute workout for beginners

Kickboxing for Dummies (good workout; ignore the title)

Pictures of kickboxing moves and a workout routine

Thanks, Dr. Erica Dahl Warlick!