January 1, 2018


It is the very first day of another year. 2018. Happy New Year … everyone!

Each year, I think many of us have resolutions but somehow they fall to the wayside before the year’s end. Not this year. Not in 2018. Let’s plan and follow through with goals  that are achievable.

Health Resolutions:

  1. Keep appointments with your doctor, dentist or any other health care provider
  2. Socialize with family and friends (helps to reduce stress)
  3. If you are overweight, try to lose weight this year (doesn’t have to be a huge amount)
  4. Learn to relax (several meditation videos to learn from)
  5. Take a vacation (doesn’t have to be expensive or for a long period of time)
  6. Volunteer some of your time to help others
  7. Cut back on alcohol or quit if possible
  8. Quit smoking (Be smoke free)
  9. Get more sleep (take naps if you need to)

Health in words

Exercise Resolutions:

  1. Walk or ride a bike to work
  2. Walk or ride a bike to do errands
  3. Exercise at home not at a gym (e.g. going up and down your stairs is exercise just like a stair stepper or elliptical machine)
  4. Try to exercise for 15 to 20 minutes each day (build it in to your list of things to do)
  5. Track your progress by how your clothes fit (once you start going down in size then start weighing yourself on a regular basis)
  6. Baby steps if you haven’t exercised for a while (some each day or every other day is better than none at all)
  7. Look for ways to incorporate exercise around your home (e.g., snow shoveling, mowing lawns, working in a flower bed or garden, washing windows inside and outside, reorganizing your storage areas including closets)

Exercise in words

Food Resolutions:

  1. Make and use grocery lists
  2. Try to eat more servings of vegetables per day (limit the starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn and peas)
  3. Try to eat more serving of fruits per day (limit the sugary fruits such as lychees, mangoes, coconuts, dried fruits, pineapple)
  4. Cut back on grains
  5. Limit fats (stay away from products with trans fats)
  6. Start reading nutrition labels and educate yourself on what each component means
  7. Watch your daily calorie intake (not sure then keep a food journal … you will be surprised by the empty calories that may be sneaking into your diet)
  8. Try a day of fasting once per week

Healthy food in words

Remember …  you are doing all of this for you. You are worth it!!!