Gadgets for the Small Kitchen

I was inspired to write about small kitchens due to two important people that I know — my sister (Eleanor) and an undergraduate microbiology student (M.E.) from the Fall semester this year.

Kitchens have been a part of our lives since we were children. They were the center of activity in my childhood home. My mother was a very good cook and enjoyed cooking. I learned from her a great deal but furthered my knowledge by living in homes with different sized kitchens throughout the years and experimenting.

Let’s talk about gadgets that would support a small kitchen or even a large kitchen for that matter.

Gadget #1:  Wall mounted pot rack

One way to maximize the space in a small kitchen is to use the walls. Pots, pans, and kitchen tools are often bulky so hanging them is a great way to be organized and have room. Check this mountable rack available on Amazon for under $50.

Gadget #2:  Magnetic Spice Tins/Jars

I currently store my spices in a drawer. They can be hard to find when I am making a meal. But, keeping spices in magnetic tins (or jars) on the side of your fridge may just be the ticket. This would reduce some frustration and save space. The magnetic tins for just under $25 or the magnetic jars for $45 are available on Amazon.

Magnetic spice jars
Magnetic Spice Jars

Gadget #3: All in one kitchen gadget

If you need to use each of these tools at least once a month then this gadget is worth the money. It is a stack of cooking tools that comes apart. So what do you get? A funnel, a juicer, egg master, lid gripper, spice grater, cheese grater, egg separator and measuring cup. This kitchen gadget retails for around $20 (when available).

Gadget #4: Measuring Spoon

For about $7, you can get this pretty cool measuring spoon that actually replaces a set of nine measuring spoons. Its measurements range from an 1/3 of a teaspoon to a tablespoon.

Gadget #5: Foldable, Adjustable Dish Rack

I wish I had one of these. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year. A dish rack that you can store when you have put the dishes away. The dish rack is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $30.

Gadget #6: Origami Kitchen Cart

Seriously, a kitchen cart? Yes, a kitchen cart. I use one in my own kitchen when counter space is lacking. A bit pricey around $125 but worth the money if you need additional storage and/or a work area. The kitchen cart can be purchased from Amazon.