Artichoke Health Benefits

I was introduced to the artichoke at Xmas a few years ago by my husband (Eddie). He saw a recipe for an artichoke dip. So I began my journey to learn about this vegetable. My vegetable knowledge was quite limited up to this point.

Jerusalem Artichoke

I did not even know how to shop for these things. My local go to grocery store had them fresh, in the can and in a jar. The fresh was a little intimidating with its spiky petals. So I shied away from those. Next, can or jar? Well I tried to figure out the difference between these. Some had a more salty brine than others. Since I am a low sodium gal, I started looking for the lowest sodium percentage on the labels. Just gotta love labels and all the nutritional information they provide. Thank heavens that much of the work of dealing with a fresh artichoke was removed since they only sell the artichoke “hearts” in most instances.

Artichoke Hearts (drained)

Not the most appealing vegetable I have every seen, but honestly they are pretty tasty.

So what happens next? To find the ultimate tasty yet healthy recipe for this deserving vegetable. My Internet travels to me to my favorite sites and professional cooks/chefs for help like the Food Network, Martha Stewart, Ellie Krieger, Cooks’s Illustrated and Emeril Lagasse.

If you are more chef-like than I, try learning how to work with a fresh artichoke to make a holiday dip. No matter which way you adopt, give this vegetable a try this holiday season with your friends and family.