Juicing Basics

I started juicing a little over one year ago. Not too many folks that I work or associate with know too much about it. There are definite pros and cons to juicing. When I began I did not want to invest in a juicer, so I used a cutting board, blender, a fine mesh colander and a mixing bowl. This worked pretty good until Amazon and its 12 days of deals. I ended up purchasing a juicer. While it’s not the most expensive nor the least, it works pretty good … I must say. A little cumbersome to take apart for cleaning but my husband (Eddie) helps with this task.

Juicing has helped improve my daily health with the opportunity to make fruit only, vegetable only or fruit/vegetable combinations. Many nutritionists recommend up to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. I used to be at 1 or 2. Juicing has helped me go beyond 10 each day.

juice cleanse_1
From left to right – beet juice, fresh tomato juice, cucumber juice, carrot juice

Ask yourself this. Are you “eating to live” or “living to eat”?

Draw backs:

  1. You still have to cut up your fruits and veggies small enough to get into the juicer mouth
  2. There is a significant amount of fiber that goes unused unless you find creative uses for it
  3. Juicers that masticate slowly can be expensive
  4. It is best if you purchase organic ingredients especially if you are using any of the “Dirty Dozen” in your juicing recipes
  5. Must take apart the juicer after each use (some juicers are very difficult to take apart)


  1. The freshly made juice can be energizing (I have found this to be true)
  2. My complexion has drastically improved with juicing
  3. The liquid from the juice of the fruits and vegetables is rich in nutrients, vitamins and phytonutrients
  4. It can be refrigerated for a few days in a glass container with a tight lid
  5. Good evidence to indicate that juicing can protect us against cardiovascular disease, cancer and some inflammatory disease (e.g., RA)

Still not sure check out some of these links that may sway you in one direction or another.

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