Stretching for Flexibility, Stamina, Strength and Back Pain

It wasn’t too long ago, when I mentioned to my better half that we should stretch together at least once per day. So we began researching different stretching poses and came up with a group of them that we both agreed on. Agreement in marriage makes it last more than 20 years together. The mister and I have been married for 22 years now.

So the mister and I began each day with stretching in our living room on carpeted flooring. Your really could stretch anywhere that you want. This is our preferred location.

The important aspect here is make a start and do it each day to maintain your flexibility, stamina and strength. Did you know that stretching can help with back pain?

See some examples below done by beautiful, in shape people (I am excluded).

Pose #1

Stretching Exercise

Pose #2

Side stretch both legs together

Pose #3


OK, so pose #3 is a little awkward and this isn’t me nor my dog. You can’t blame a girl for inserting some fun into stretching. Can you?

The point is this … you will lose what you don’t use. Check these stretches out!