Tis The Season … To Eat, Drink & Be Merry

OK. So what are we going to do during the holiday season? I was inspired by one of my undergraduate microbiology students this week to write this piece. She showed me a photo of myself on her cell phone. OMG! Do not wear anything but black for photos. I looked like a beached w_ _ _ e! The student graciously deleted the photo from her photo. Thanks, W.S.!

Back to the holiday festivities. I have a few solutions that may or may not work for you as you go to holiday parties and get-togethers this season.

Xmas Party

Solution #1

Eat before you go to any holiday parties. Yes, eat before you go! You will not feel guilty because you ate something that you shouldn’t have. My mother who is now deceased did this.

Solution #2

Bring something healthy that you made. There are many options out there for doing this option. One of my favorite websites this year is Eating Well. Check it out! It is worth your time if you are serious about preparing and eating something healthy at any holiday parties.

Solution #3

To heck with it and enjoy yourself. I used to be this way and it is okay if you are just not there yet with your food choices and preferences.

So that’s it. Eat, enjoy and be safe. Remember there are always new year’s resolutions.

New Years