This Is The Beginning … Not The End

How did I ever get the courage to start a blog about food, health and exercise? This is an easy answer. Cancer. In July of 2013, I was diagnosed with leukemia. A type called CML (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia). It primarily affects older individuals which I was not at that time. I was your middle-aged working female who was thrown a curve ball with the diagnosis.

Why me? Why at this time of my life? Treatments were harsh and not working well and so I began a journey to save my life in addition to the efforts of the oncology experts looking after me. So if this wasn’t traumatic enough, a little over a year and half ago (summer of 2016), I was diagnosed with a second cancer – papillary thyroid cancer. Another curve ball was thrown at me. A surgery followed by radioactive iodine treatment was needed and now I am left without a thyroid gland and a few cervical lymph nodes and issues producing and releasing saliva.

The time for change was here and I had better get started if I wanted to keep living – pain-free (if possible) and being happy each day. I began researching everywhere on the Internet and buying books. Then the real trick came, applying what I learned about food and exercise to my situation.

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If you have cancer or know someone who does, continue reading and if you don’t still continue reading. Cancer has touched our lives living in the United States (see the stats).

It is my sincere hope that at least one other person benefits from what I will be sharing through this blog. A body does not become unhealthy overnight. The return to health is an equally long journey filled with obstacles and challenges.


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  1. Very nice! I like it. I too struggle with the clean eating to maintain my health. Being busy really takes a toll on healthy eating. I truly miss being on the farm and the ability to cook for two weeks at a time and freeze healthy meals. I have found it challenging in town in my small kitchen and I see my health has shown my lack of organization. Thanks for sharing. I’ll continue to pray blessings for you.


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